White Paper: A Framework for Safe, Reliable, and Effective Care 2017

Our 2017 publication A Framework for Safe, Reliable, and Effective Care is available for download, jointly written by S&R and IHI faculty.  The concepts in this document, and the actions for change associated with them, are the underpinning of all we do at Safe and Reliable Care. We welcome your feedback and questions.  

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For more information about the framework or to arrange Dr. Frankel to speak to your group please contact us here.

Organizational Fairness and Professionalism Algorithm

Here is the PDF of our Organizational Fairness and Professionalism Algorithm. This is the product of Allan Frankel MD, Michael Leonard MD and Jo Shapiro MD. Attribution is due for the good foundational work of James Reason and David Marx. Feel free to use these materials – attribution appreciated – and we welcome your feedback and questions.

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Achieving Safe and Reliable Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have an epidemic on their hands: Medical error is causing as many as 98,000 deaths a year in the nation’s hospitals. And these failures are not due to unqualified clinicians or the lack of technology-instead, evidence indicates that at least 80 percent of medical error is system derived, meaning that system flaws are setting good people up to fail. Achieving Safe and Reliable Healthcare: Strategies and Solutions provides healthcare leaders with a blueprint for building and supporting a culture of patient safety. It includes contributions from experts who have created comprehensive and successful patient safety programs in their organizations.