High Reliability Transformation Design, Implementation & Strategic Partnerships

Over three decades we’ve developed close strategic relationships with - and have deep experience in safety, quality and improvement across - several hundred hospitals worldwide.  We know that communication and effective collaboration are the keys to unlocking clinical, operational and financial value, and we provide organization wide, service line and unit level assessments that examine specific aspects of

  • Patient and Family Centered Care
  • Senior and Clinical Leadership

  • Psychological Safety

  • Perceptions of Teamwork
  • Just Culture & Professionalism
  • Burnout and Resilience
  • High Reliability

  • Learning systems


Our High Reliability Transformation work includes:

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment using Safe & Reliable’s integrated SCORE survey and our Safe and Reliable Healthcare SocioTechnical Assessment©

  • Expert data analysis and feedback  

  • Engagement with senior and clinical leadership

  • Building improvement capability by training expert coaches

  • Driving sustained and visible improvement through Learning Systems

Our Focused Interventions include:

  • High risk clinical environment transformation (Obstetrics, Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Interventional Radiology, Med-Surg, Ambulatory Care, Long Term Care)

  • Rebuild trust and safe care in problematic clinical units

  • Analyze and mitigate risk in the aftermath of severe adverse events

  • Just Culture and Professionalism customized program development and deployment

Speaking Engagements

Our clinical experts provide lectures and keynote presentations. 

Topics include:

  • Achieving safe and highly reliable healthcare

  • Building and sustaining a culture of safety

  • Applying a SocioTechnical model to enhance safety, quality and continuous learning

  • Managing and reducing clinical risk

  • Building effective clinical leadership

  • Achieving excellence in community based care

  • Aligning senior leadership, middle management and frontline caregivers to deliver safe, effective and patient centered care

  • Enhancing the role of the board in delivering higher quality care at lower cost

  • Interpreting and using cultural data to make it safer for patients and caregivers

  • Understanding the role of human factors in safety and avoidable harm

  • Reducing burnout and enhancing workforce resilience

  • The integration of teamwork, leadership and improvement.

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