Joshua Proulx, BSEE

Chief technology officer

Joshua Proulx is an informaticist and healthcare technologist. He attended Brigham Young University as a National Merit Scholar where he completed pre-med studies and graduated with a BS with double majors in bioinformatics and electrical engineering.  During his studies he was an ORCA grant recipient that funded his research into using supercomputers to simulate various functional group changes on the carbon ring of geldanamycin, a potential cancer drug, to look for similar compounds with increased drug potency and fewer side effects.  At the Wellcome Trust Sanger Centre in Cambridge, England, he wrote software to help identify additional malaria drug candidates by identifying potential ortholog genes between the Plasmodium falciparum parasite and other Plasmodium species.   Before graduation, Joshua developed the technical design and organized a student engineering team which created one of the first wireless Bluetooth EKG sensors.

Joshua did further research at the University of Utah Medical School’s Department of Medical Informatics and the VA where he authored software that leveraged natural language processing (NLP) to process free text medical records to research the relationship between dietary supplements and the risk of bleeding events while taking warfarin.  He programmed the HeartsLikeMine patient risk module which was awarded first place in AMIA’s 2014 iHealth “Ideas that Work” competition.

Joshua was the architect and development manager for TheraDoc’s clinical decision support alerting engine before it was acquired by Hospira and then Premier.  He has a deep experience in HL7 integration and architected the integration specifications on numerous projects for most hospital-based EMRs.  He most recently served as the development manager for Tute Genomics where he managed the technical due diligence and reachitecture of the Knome genomics platform created by Professor George Church of Harvard.  He currently serves as the CTO and architectural lead at Safe & Reliable Healthcare.