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Dr. Maleek Jamal 

Chief strategy officer

Dr. Maleek Jamal is a healthcare strategist and consultant, advising boards and executive teams on issues ranging from growth and disruptive innovation, to competitiveness and change readiness. Apple, Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb, Mayo Clinic, University of California San Diego Health System, Alliance Imaging, Apotex and Mayo Clinic and amongst the organizations he has served.
Dr. Jamal earned his doctorate in Experimental Surgery at McGill, where he engineered a new expandable source of insulin-secreting cells from fresh human pancreatic tissue using Exsulin. This technology, which was featured in the national media and Nature journals, is being advanced in human clinical trials as a potential therapy for diabetes mellitus. 
He also completed executive management studies in Boston, focusing on a role for disruptive innovation in achieving healthcare reform under Professor Clay Christensen. This work continued at the Boston Consulting Group where Dr. Jamal was selected as a fellow at the firm’s Global Strategy Institute. Here, he focused on tactics that create value and sustainability in the era of accountable and affordable care.
Since 2009, Dr. Jamal has worked closely with Dr. Michael Leonard and Dr. Allan Frankel to apply their collective insights into organizational culture, strategy and value creation across healthcare. Together, they have worked with more than 1000 healthcare systems across 15 countries providing culture assessments; improvement strategies and training; leadership coaching; and technology-enabled platforms to achieve safe and reliable care.