Michael Leonard, MD

Managing partner

I have been given the privilege of being able to work broadly across American Healthcare and several countries internationally. In 1999, Kaiser formed a partnership with Dr. Robert Helmreich’s Human Factors Research Group at the University of Texas, and I had the benefit of learning from people with deep expertise in safety culture and teamwork in high-risk environments. I am particularly interested in the effective adoption of this learning into the world of healthcare in clear, effective and sustainable ways. My long time friend and colleague, Dr. Allan Frankel and I have worked extensively to develop practical, comprehensive models that enhance patient and family centered care, effective leadership, a culture of safety, collaborative teamwork, high reliability, and an environment of continuous learning and improvement. The TEM model (Team Based Engagement co-developed with the Mayo Clinic during our time at Pascal Metrics) and the SocioTechnical Model are used effectively to assess and intervene at a clinical unit, hospital or health system level. We have extremely dedicated, skilled individuals caring for patients. Providing a systematic framework and practical tools to enhance the delivery of safe, reliable care and continuous learning is tremendously valuable for patients, caregivers and healthcare organizations.



  • Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine
  • Pascal Metrics, Founder and Co-Chief Medical Officer, 2007 – September 2013
  • Co-Founder, Consultant and Patient Safety Expert – Safe and Reliable Healthcare LLP, 2006 – 2007
  • Faculty, Institute for Healthcare Improvement – Critical Care, Transforming Care at the Bedside, United Kingdom Safer Patients Initiative, Patient Safety Scotland, IHI Open School, Executive Patient Safety Officer Course.
  • Kaiser Permanente: Practicing cardiac anesthesiologist, Anesthesia department Chief, Director of Surgical Services, Chairman of the Board of Directors Permanente Medical Group; National Physician Leader for Patient Safety 2001–2010.
  • Anesthesia Resident, Chief Resident and Cardiac Anesthesia Fellow, Beth Israel Hospital/ Harvard Anesthesia Program, Boston, MA
  • Intern and Junior Resident in Medicine, Beth Israel Hospital / Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.
  • Doctor of Medicine Cum Laude, University of Missouri School of Medicine