Why we do this work

Despite highly skilled providers who get out of bed everyday to provide optimal care, the rate of avoidable patient harm and death is unacceptably high. Our caregivers work in systems that are fraught with risk and defects, making it very hard to deliver optimal care. Current data indicates as many as 1/3 of patients in the United States experience an adverse event, i.e. something happening to them that you and I wouldn’t want to happen to us. 6% of patients are injured severely enough they stay in the hospital longer and go home with a temporary or permanent disability. A study by the Office of Inspector General of Health and Human Services concluded that some 2/3 of these adverse events are potentially avoidable or ameliorable – if the problem was rapidly detected and treated, then these would have been smaller, less serious events. We owe it to our patients and our caregivers to make it safer for all.

The lessons of High Reliability provide valuable guidance in how skilled providers can effectively assess and manage risk to minimize adverse events. Combining these principles with the behaviors that enhance safety culture and collaborative teamwork has great value. At Safe & Reliable Healthcare we have extensive experience in the effective adoption of these practices into the world of medicine.


Our Values

Our logo is inspired by the Endless Knot, an ancient Tibetan symbol that represents the joining of wisdom & compassion, and the interconnectedness of all things. We believe this is a powerful metaphor for improving the quality & safety of healthcare. Dignity & respect–for everyone–is at the core of everything we do.