Our experience and deep healthcare expertise arms your frontline workers with powerful training and simple communication and collaboration tools.  Their efforts become your organization's sustainable and reliable care.



Our culture, burnout & engagement surveys

Assess how you’re doing and form an integrated understanding of:

  • Safety culture – we can quantify your improvement readiness, psychological safety, teamwork, leadership, organizational learning

  • Resilience / Burnout – we have the largest physician, nurse and pharmacist burnout benchmark database in the industry

  • Employee engagement – we can help you understand the balance between demands and resources

We can measure your culture and link it to clinical outcomes, operational measures, financial metrics and patient and family centered care. Our SCORE integrated survey is approved for use in the prestigious Magnet Accreditation for Nursing Excellence!



Our transformational consulting programs

Our team of industry experts will work with you to improve psychological safety, decrease communication failures, and reduce burnout - all key to unlocking clinical, operational and financial value.

Let us help. We offer:

  • High Reliability Transformation Programs

  • Senior Leadership & Physician Engagement

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Retreats and Symposia on culture, safety and reliability topics

  • Leadership CoachingP


L earning &  EN gagement  S ystem ( LENS ™)

Learning & ENgagement System (LENS™)

our digital learning board - LENS™

You need methods and tools that:

  • Improve psychological safety by giving frontline staff a voice

  • Support communication, collaboration and Leadership WalkRounds or GEMBA walks in an environment where defects are continuously surfaced and improved and resilience is proactively cultivated

  • Reduce errors and waste by surfacing defects that occur over time

  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to manage your Learning Boards by 85%

  • Make it easier to work better, in a sustainable, scalable way

Get all that and more with:

S&R's LENS (Learning & Engagement System) 
Ready to schedule a demo? Click on the link below to learn more about LENS™.



"Care delivery has become increasingly fragmented, leading to coordination and communication challenges for patients and clinicians..."

- Institute of Medicine 2013


Safe & Reliable

We are pioneers of Learning Boards and first Google Healthcare partner